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Break Video Downloader 1.2

A program supposed to download videos from Break, but it doesn't work
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1.2.1 (See all) is a video sharing site in the style of YouTube and Google Video. This program is supposed to download videos from Break. The idea is simple: you can search Break videos from the program's interface by typing a keyword on the Search box and clicking on the Search Break Video button. Once the program has retrieved all the existing results, you are supposed to be able to download any of them to your system simply by dragging the video's URL to the program's logo in the upper left corner. All this sounds good enough; nevertheless, the program didn't download any videos, no matter how many attempts I made. I performed different searches, tried different URLs, and repeated the whole process once and again with no results. I always got an error message regarding my Internet connection which, by the way, is very reliable. Thus, the errors cannot be attributed to it.
In sum, the idea of the program is nice: download videos by simply dragging their URL to a given part of the interface instead of rewriting or copying/pasting them into a box. Nevertheless, as I've learned, this feature of the program is completely useless so if you want to download video files from Break, then you may want to try another application.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Nice idea


  • The download process does not work at all
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